Great Idea!

We received the Kit and my husband has already put it on the poles. It’s a great idea, thank you very much for it, now the annex on our Stoney Creek Camper goes up in about 5 minutes as opposed to the previous 20 minutes.”

– Trish, QLD

Very Impressed!

Thanks so much for a speedy next day delivery ! Very impressed. I fitted my Centre Pole Conversion Kit today. It was easy to do with the tools I have at home and a test run proved how quick it was to set up my annex, not to mention how easy it was.”

– Leigh, NSW

Simple But Brilliant!

Products received and one set already mounted. Absolutely simple but brilliant product.”

– Marcus, SA

Good Old Aussie Service!

Cheers guys. Appreciate the great service. I’ve recommended a couple of friends to come to you . Hope they do. Thanks. Good old Aussie service.”

– Rob, Vic

No Issues!

The product has worked really well. We spent a couple of weeks up the coast using it with a fair few different sites, with no issues. It made the setting up by myself a fair bit easier. With good quality parts, I would not hesitate to buy an- other one. The ordering and delivery process was easy. After talking with Ray it made my decision easy.”

– Jonno

They Are Fantastic!

I have just used your poles for the first time and all I can say, is they are fan- tastic. It used to take about 20 minutes to set up the awning with 2 people. I just did it by myself in about 20 min. It is just so simple.”

– Barry

Money Well Spent!

Money well spent. Of all the days and weeks camping and touring especially , setting up of the awning was the most time consuming for our set up. Then I stumbled on it in a camping magazine. Purchased it and it works a treat and the kids are now setting up the awning Win Win..”

– Clint, QLD